Friday, July 13, 2012

Review | T.G.I Friday's (Forest Hill)

I visited T.G.I’s after going to see a movie since it was so close to the cinema. E and I had been there once before and quite enjoyed it. E was set upon ordering the chicken BLT sandwich which he had been dreaming about all week, and I decided to have the Mushroom Onion Swiss Burger.

The meals came out not too much later and we were both excited to get straight into them. Unfortunately as I sampled some chips, they were not hot enough and a bit stale – as if they had been left out in the kitchen for a while. This made me really sad since I had been looking forward to the chips all day!

When I eat a burger at a restaurant I go about it a bit weirdly – if there is something on the top bun, such as cheese or mayonnaise, I will eat that first. Then I will go through and eat the rest of the burger (meat and filling) with a knife and fork, and by the time I get to the bottom bun, I am usually too full to finish it.

The mayonnaise on the top bun at T.G.I’s was delicious, but as I was eating it I noticed my lack of mushrooms – there was probably about 7 small slices of mushroom. I thought that was probably not enough since it was a mushroom burger! When I started to eat the mushrooms and the rest of the filling – cheese and meat, I discovered that they too were not hot enough. I really could not be bothered sending it back so I stuck with my burger. It tasted nice nonetheless, and I loved the caramelised onions – they were so so sweet and delicious but again, there could have been more with those too.

E’s chicken BLT sandwich looked really tasty. I tasted a little bite of it and boy – the batter on the chicken was so yum, and with the combination of the mayonnaise and tomato it was perfect. I noted that he did not really have a good amount of bacon on his meal, but he didn’t mention that to me. I also tasted one of his chips and they were a bit hotter than mine had been, so he must have gotten a fresh batch!

During our meal our waitress kindly offered us free refills of our drinks, which was nice!

Trying to get the attention of a staff member at the end of our meal to ask for the bill was a bit of a challenge, but we got there in the end.

All in all, I was a little bit disappointed with my meal, and I was surprised about this since I had previously enjoyed T.G.I’s. If I do end up going back here, it would probably only be out of convenience after or before a movie.. but I may consider going to Nando’s instead.

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