Friday, February 17, 2012

Review | +39 Pizzeria

We recently went to +39, which is a fantastic Italian pizzeria on Little Bourke in the city.

We arrived a bit early for our reservation, but were welcomed in nonetheless, with great smiles, and shown to our table which was already prepared. The first thing I noticed were the awesome water glasses which were bluish - and in my opinion made drinking the water seem much more delicious and refreshing!

Deciding to skip through any entrĂ©es, we headed straight into ordering for our mains and drinks. We ordered ‘Sole e Luna’ and Salsiccia pizzas, which, without much of a wait at all, were both on our table ready for us to dig into!
The Sole e Luna was a very interesting pizza! It was half a calzone, filled with ham and cheese, and half a regular Margherita pizza, and was shaped like a half moon, like the name suggests (I think). The fresh tomato salsa base on the pizza was amazing! You could really taste the sweetness of tomato, and matched with the giant leaves of fresh basil on top, was a delicious combo (as always). The cheese was called ‘Fior Di Latte’ which I had never tasted before, but was creamy and melted and so tasty!

This cheese was also on the Salsiccia pizza, paired with traditional Italian Berkshire sausage, porcini mushrooms and topped with Parmesan too – this one was a real singer. The salty taste of the sausage, was brilliant with the cheeses and mushroom flavours. The pizza bases were also thin and flavoursome, like they should be! They were true traditional, wood-fired pizza bases, and the chef should definitely be proud of them!

For dessert, we couldn’t say no to a dessert pizza – a nutella base topped with fresh strawberries and served with thick vanilla icecream. This was so so good! Definitely recommended!
Overall, +39 were a lovely bunch, with delicious pizza at pretty fair prices for its location! If I hadn’t have already tasted the bliss at Pizza e Fichi in Kew, I would definitely call this the best pizza in Melbourne!

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