Saturday, October 13, 2012

Review | Dutchies Stonegrill Restaurant

On a relaxing few days away at the lovely Phillip Island, E and I decided to head to Dutchies Stonegrill Restaurant, since we had been curious to try is every since passing it on the way into town.

The decor of the restaurant was very retro - a kind of 80s feel. I'm not sure if that was by choice, or if some redecoration may be on the way, but either way, it made me smile when I looked around and saw flamingo coloured accessories everywhere!

After being kindly seated, E and I set our sights onto the menu. We decided to try the entree special of Crocodile Croquettes, and for mains, E selected the Surf n Turf, and I went for the Marinated Mixed Grill.

The idea behind the Stonegrill dining is that it is a healthier meal, since no oils or fats are added for cooking, and that the diner can cook each item to their liking. An added bonus is that the meal stays hot - and doesn't cool down while it is eaten as the stone stays hot for around half an hour.

The croquettes were brought out, and we dived into them with enthusiasm! The dish was served with a delicious and moreish chilli jam and aioli. The croquettes themselves were so crispy on the outside, and so so soft and creamy on the inside - so good. The crocodile had quite a salty taste, but with the combination of the aioli and the chilli jam, the flavour was great - I really enjoyed these.

Crocodile Croquettes

Next up were the mains - and these came out pretty quickly, since they didn't really have to do too much cooking behind the scenes. E's Surf n Turf looked pretty impressive. His cut of meat was quite high, and such a lovely colour as it stood proudly, sizzling on the hot stonegrill. Looking back at my photos, perhaps he could have had a few more prawns, but otherwise, E enjoyed his dish very much. Both of us had fun chatting while tending to our sizzling cuts of meat, cutting off pieces and cooking them to our liking.

Surf n Turf

My dish, the Marinated Mixed Grill, was quite a large serve. There was some marinated beef, pork tenderloin, lamb and chicken. I'm not actually sure what the marinade was, as it was not mentioned anywhere, but the meat was very tasty, and so tender and moist. I think the chicken may have been my favourite, but all of the different kinds of meat got a lovely golden and crisp outer, and I do have to say, everything stayed so hot right until the end of my meal.

Marinated Mixed Grill

The vegetables and salad that came out with both of our meals were also nice. Both of us thought that our meals were going to be served with chips, but we were not fussed at all, since veggies were probably a healthier option. They were actually good to have something not too heavy in between all the meat. You can see in the photos that there was some kind of bĂ©arnaise sauce with the cauliflower - that sauce was also great with some of the meat - I always love sampling all the different combinations on a plate!!

All in all, I would recommend Dutchies to anyone in the area, or anyone heading down to the Island for some time away from the bustle of the week. It is a little more expensive than usual for me, but we had a great experience in return.

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