Saturday, August 17, 2013

Review | Hanoi Hannah

I've heard a few mixed reviews about Hanoi Hannah, but after having a quick look over the menu and website, I knew I wanted to try it for myself. For a couple of weeks now, E and I have been trying to not eat a whole heap of gluten, so Vietnamese food was definitely something we could easily eat.

On a windy Friday night in Melbourne, we left our details with the lovely Maitre D (is that term still in fashion?) at Hanoi Hannah, and he let us know that it would probably be about a half hour wait. Without fail, about 35 minutes later we received the call.

With such an ease that only experience eaters can display, we looked over the menu and quickly decided what to order.

For drinks, I ordered a rosetta wine, and E decided to try the lychee and pineapple slushie, and as soon as I tasted his slushie, I had drink envy. The wine was nice, but the slushie was superb. Try them!

First up, were the Yellowfin Tuna rice paper rolls. Wow, what a hit these were. The tuna was amazing, and with a tang from some wasabi, these were possibly the best rice paper rolls we have ever eaten.

Next we decided to get down and dirty with some prawn spring rolls. There is something so fun about rolling these babies up in a lettuce leaf, with the fragrant vietnamese mint. By the end of these we had our hands covered in dipping sauce, but our bellies were full of delicious spring rolls.

The next dish was by far the highlight for me. Do you know what glass noodles are? My mind was blown when I first had another glass noodle salad. Delicious would be an understatement. And served so perfectly by Hanoi Hannah, my mouth was in heaven. These noodles were served with shredded duck and a citrus dressing. I couldn't get enough of it. They were pretty generous with the yummy duck - and it was so tender and tasty. The salad had been doused (in a great way) with the zingy citrus dressing - I would love to know the recipe for this dressing.. it was great. I'll definitely be ordering this one again next time I visit Hannah! E and I were both so overwhelmed by this amazing salad that we accidentally lost blogger control and started eating the salad before snapping a pic...

Our last* dish was the grilled squid which was served with a chilli dipping sauce. The squid was cooked to perfection and the flavour of it was great. But to be honest, I'm pretty sure we were still discussing how great the glass noodle salad was while eating the squid :P

After a few minutes, E and I exchanged a quick look, and I knew we would be ordering one more dish as we both had just a little bit more room for something extra. We decided to try the tofu rice paper rolls. A blink of our eyes later, and we were eating them. These weren't as amazing as the tuna rolls we had at the start of the night, but they were still very tasty. And they came with a different sauce too - if it wasn't hoisin sauce, then it tasted like it! Om nom nom - these were good. And a great way to end our night at Hanoi Hannah.

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