Saturday, October 13, 2012

Review | Nuts Chan

Nuts Chan, even though it has a bit of a funny sounding name, is a great little local japanese restaurant. I have frequented the Mount Waverley area for many years, and have never even noticed it hiding out in it's little corner shop location.

We went there for a quiet weeknight dinner and thoroughly enjoyed the freshness and homely-ness of the food they served. To start we ordered a mixed sashimi plate, and for mains, I chose the Bibimbap with Beef, and E decided on the Tonkatsu (pork) on steamed rice.

All of the dishes were served very quickly, and with very polite service. The sashimi was all very fresh and tasty. I think we got the larger size.

Mixed Sashimi

For mains, E gobbled up his Tonkatsu dish pretty quickly - it must have been really good! I had a little taste of one of the pork pieces, and it was really good - their had been an egg placed on top of the dish, and it had soaked through all of the pork and rice - mmmm!

Tonkatsu with Rice

My dish, was incredibly fresh, and just plain good. The egg was cooked to perfection, and all of the ingredients were great. From memory, there was beef, carrot, cucumber, mushrooms and a whole lot of pickled goodness. In a rather un ladylike manner, I mixed everything together, and stirred the egg yolk through it all to make it super delicious with the hot steamed rice. I would definitely recommend this dish. The flavours from all the different elements were great!

Bibimbap with Beef

If you are heading out to Nuts Chan to dine at the restaurant (they also offer take away) I would not recommend wearing your favourite clothes as I smelt like their kitchen for the next day or so. It would seem like the whole restaurant is quite open, so the (yummy) smells from the kitchen waft everywhere.

All in all, a great little local spot!

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