Friday, July 4, 2014

Review | MELT Pizza

Have you heard the news? The great, fresh and delicious news? The opening of MELT Pizza in Windsor has created quite a hype - and with good reason too. Owners Dan and Elise have a great little idea on their hands. Pizza - with a fresh take.

In just a few words, it's like Subway for pizza. At MELT, customers can choose from a fantastic line up of classic pizzas, or let their creativity run loose and customise their own, from the sauce bases right the way through toppings and garnishes.

A group of friends and I decided to head down to MELT on a freezing Friday night. Keen to get some goodness in our tummies, we ordered pretty straight away after being greeted by Dan himself. He was super friendly and was more than happy to explain the concept.

While my friends all decided to customise their pizzas, I felt like tasting their take on a true classic and ordered the Margherita, but added a touch of extra garlic.

I also ordered a side of 'doughballs' which are served with a  garlic butter. These are exactly as described - little balls of dough. Heavenly little balls of hot delicious dough. I initially ordered these for us all to share, but when they got to the table, three of us accidentally ate all of them, and then tried to hide the plate/evidence from our other two friends. Awkward. But necessary. Please try these! (pictured below)

I do have to say, I was pretty impressed (and proud) of the toppings my friends ordered. It's so cool to see everyone be able to customise their dinners, and to see the differences and similarities between them all - like a pizza personality test!

Two of my friends are vegetarian. First up we have pumpkin, caramelised onion, capsicum, and capers, with mozzarella and served with fresh basil.

Next, we have mushrooms, eggplant, and goats cheese.

On to the meat eaters - we have salami, olives, mushrooms, spinach and mozzarella.

Last but not least, we have the Italian sausage, ham, friarielli (which is a strong tasting friend of spinach) and mozzarella.

Now you're probably wondering, great, we know what you all ordered, but HOW DID IT TASTE!? Well I've left it all to write together, because as soon as we had been served our pizzas (which was about 2 minutes after we had each ordered!!) our whole table descended into silence. Until we had finished, which to me just proves how delicious these pizzas were.

The pizza bases were so moreish. I told my friend off for not eating her crusts, but she assured me she was in fact saving them to eat last. And she did! The pizzas as a whole, were for me, and all of my friends agreed, exactly how pizzas were meant to be. Perfect. They were light, flavoursome, fresh and simply delicious. I can not find anything to fault the MELT pizzas on.

We had planned to go out for a few drinks after dinner, but to be completely honest, we all agreed that we were already 100% satisfied with the evening and decided to go home and mull about on the couch, totally content with our lives at that moment. 

MELT was a pleasure to dine at. All the staff were so helpful, friendly, and obviously happy to be there. They knew about the food and drinks they were serving and were great at giving advice or explaining anything. Dan was also kind enough to show us around through their outdoor dining area, and private dining room. Even though there was an icy cold wind blowing at the time, we could easily imagine the outdoor area would be perfect in summer - with a cool drink and perfect pizza!

On the way home, my friend was super quiet for a few minutes and then said she thinks she will have her birthday dinner at MELT later in the year! So it's a done deal - we'll all be back soon! Thanks to Dan, Elise and all the MELT team - we had a great night :)

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