Sunday, June 24, 2012

Review | Mabrown

We have wanted to try Mabrown ever since we heard just how good the duck was there. When I looked up Mabrown on Urbanspoon, I learnt many things from the other reviews. 1) We had to try the Quail, 2) It was imperative to book a table, and to pre-order our food, 3) The service would be horrendous, but 4) the Quails would make up for that.

After reading about how pushy the Aunty can be on the phone, I was so nervous to ring up!! She really wasn't that bad at all. I pre-booked 2 quails (4 pieces) and half a Pi-paduck, and upon the suggestion made by the Aunty, I also pre-ordered a (token) plate of vegetables with cashew nuts.

When we walked into the restaurant, there were already a few people in a queue for a table. After waiting a little while for someone to come and seat us - I realised that I had to be proactive, so I walked to the back of the restaurant to the counter, and asked for our table. The waiter pointed to our table and we sat down. After about 10 minutes, I got the attention of another waiter who was cleaning up the table behind ours and asked for some tea, and whether we needed to tell anyone we were ready for our dishes, or if they would just come out. He nodded and said they would come out. So we waited eagerly.

After probably another 10 minutes, our tea came out, and maybe another 15 minutes after that, our table was set with plates and chopsticks.

I was getting nervous that it was taking a bit too long - since we had booked movie tickets for after dinner. Just at the peak of my worry, we saw our plate of quails coming from the other side of the restaurant. Within minutes, the duck, vegetables and rice followed.

These quails were magical. You must try these! Every single table in the restaurant was either devouring quails, or had an empty plate of quail bones on their table. The spicy sauce was amazingly never too spicy, and it had a beautiful sweet honey taste as well. The meat of the quail was so tender, and the dish was so moreish, I know we will definitely be back to have more! We ate every single tiny piece of meat off from those bones. So delicious! Please do yourself a favour and try these quails.

The duck was so delicious too. The skin was so crispy and the meat was so soft and tender. This was probably the fattiest duck I have ever eaten - it had such an amazing flavour. Half a duck was probably just a little too much for two people, so I would recommend sharing this dish between three or four, just because of how rich it was.

Our token veggies were also very nice. What you would expect from Asian veggies really - only the cashews were surprisingly delicious.. I think they must have roasted them.

We will be going back to Mabrown. I am now armed with a take-away menu, so we know what to order next time (with the quails of course). The table next to us had ordered what I think is called Shantung Chicken (going by photos on Urbanspoon), and that looked really nice - hopefully we can try that next time!

The service was not that bad - I mean, the waiters weren't rude. You do have to be very proactive if you want something to happen as they will not come to you and ask, but apart from that, it was fine. 

Oh, I would also recommend bringing your own hand sanitiser and/or wipes as you will be eating the quails with your hands, and the bathrooms were not exactly overflowing with hand towels..

For ordering quails, just go by however many people will be dining - 2 people = 2 quails, 3 people = 3 quails.

See you soon Mabrown!

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Em said...

Cool - I have never heard of this place but now I am really intrigued - I might have to look up a couple of old friends in Balwyn and arrange to meet them there. The quail looks amazing!

spohie said...

yay you will not regret it! it is so delicious!