Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Review | Baby Pizza

Before heading out to a show at Rod Laver, I decided to take E to Baby Pizza for some pre-show dinner action. Scooping up the very last table at the bar and also overlooking the kitchen, it seems we got in with the best timing, as a line quickly formed at the front door for the next table.

We decided to order a Funghi pizza, the Rigatoni Al Ragu and a Piselli e Prosciutto salad, and share the lot.

The pizza arrived first, and we promptly dug right into it - as we were starving! With the first bite, came an extreme sense of satisfaction, knowing that every other bite to follow would be delicious. The flavours of the cheeses and the wild mushrooms were a great match. By the time the waitress came to deliver our salad, we had devoured the entire pizza.

Funghi Pizza - $21.50

Our next target, the salad, had no chance. The flavours seemed to sing out in happiness. Dressed in what looked like a delicate snowfall of parmesan, this salad was so fresh, and amazingly so. The prosciutto was so tender, it melted on the tongue, and, with the peas, the mint leaves and the slightest hint of a vinaigrette, not to mention the buffalo mozzarella, this salad was almost too good.

Piselli e Prosciutto Salad - $22.50

I have to say, all of the dishes we tried that night really made me remember just why I love good Italian food so much - the pureness and simplicity of the flavours, and the celebration a combination of fresh ingredients is always a winner.

We noticed that a good while had gone past and there was still no sign of our pasta. Our waitress followed up with the kitchen on its whereabouts (on her own accord), and still it hadn't found its way to us. When we received the pasta, we were so surprised to hear a sincere apology and an offer of a complimentary dessert, because we hadn't even complained, or thought about doing so yet!

Rigantoni al Ragu - $24.50

The Rigatoni was out of this world. I looked up to look at E and noticed he was almost in tears of joy. He had missed this traditional flavour - he said he never thought he would've tasted it again, and that it tasted just like what his nonna used to make. I knew that what I was eating was delicious, but in all of our eating adventures I had never seen E so utterly surprised and delighted about a meal (and we are passionate eaters!). This dish will definitely be ordered each time we return to Baby Pizza - and I hope there will be many returns!

For our complimentary dessert, we opted for their Pizza Dolce, and it was swiftly at our table before I even had time to ask if we could put a rush on the order, since the starting time for our show was quickly approaching. Not only was this made and ready in a matter of blinks, but the head chef brought it out himself, again profusely apologising for the delay with our previous order. E and I have never felt so special as restaurant customers ever before. We were so impressed, not only that they realised there was an issue, and quickly finding a solution to it, but that all this was done without even the slightest of complaint or negative breath from either of us. This was service at its best.

Pizza Dolce - $17.50

The Pizza Dolce was gone even quicker than the speed at which it was created. YUM was the only thing that was coming to our minds. This was a dessert pizza like never before. There was no overpowering chocolate, or marshmallows, or even cornflakes, banana or honeycomb. No. This pizza had class, and flavour. Poached pears, lemon thyme crumble, drizzled with a salted caramel sauce, and finished with a perfect globe of nougat ice cream.. all in my mouth. Let it be known that I will be ordering this again very soon.

Please do yourself a favour and head down to Baby Pizza for delicious and affordable food, and fantastic service. It is definitely worth the wait! See you soon Baby ;)

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