Saturday, June 16, 2012

Review | Kanazawa Japanese Restaurant

I bought a scoopon to go to Kanazawa Japanese Restaurant which is on King Street in the city. On urbanspoon it is called Kanazawa Japanese Buffet, but I saw no traces of a buffet when we were there.
We were greeted very nicely and shown to our table. Our scoopon included about 8 dishes, as well as a drink. Our dishes included Miso to start, Edameme beans, Gyoza, Shishamo, Sashimi, Prawn and Vegetable Tempura, Terriyaki Beef, a steamed egg and seafood dish, and a serve of steamed rice each.

The waiters brought out about half of those dishes at once, which made the table very crowded, and also made us feel a bit rushed! But I guess we were dining on a scoopon afterall.

As you will see in the photos, everything was presented really nicely - every dish was plated delicately, which is an important part of Japanese food, I think.

The Miso and Edameme beans were fine - what you would expect.The Gyoza were smaller than what I have had before, and a tiny bit under seasoned, but they were hot and crisp as well. Since my last review was also of a Japanese restaurant, I am able to compare both Gyoza dishes - the dumplings at Sakura were had a much better flavour (and size) than these ones.

Shishamo are a kind of small fish, which tasted very similar to sardines - only a bit more smokier in flavour. I wasn't so crazy about these, and I found them a little tricky to eat. If you like sardines, you will like these.

The Sashimi platter was lovely. Everything was fresh - the only thing that could have made it better was if there was more of it!

The Prawn and Vegetable Tempura dish was also really nice. If you take a look in the photo below, it was served with this lovely flower looking thing that had also been fried with some Tempura batter - I'm pretty sure they were noodles, but they made the whole dish look so much nicer! The prawns and vegetable pieces were also very lightly battered, and great tasting.

The Terriyaki Beef dish came out like a sizzling plate - and I could tell the sauce would be very rich tasting. It was very dark and thick, and had a really strong terriyaki taste. It was quite a small serve since it was just a scoopon dish, however the beef was really nice. We could tell that they were good pieces of meat, and it was still so tender yet very well cooked.

The last dish - I'll be honest - was really strange to me! The waitress said it was steamed egg, with mushroom and seafood. I tried a little bit, but I was put off by the smell. The texture was very similar to the custard tarts you get at yum cha - but it was not sweet! There were two pieces of mushroom and one tiny prawn inside, and the smell was very eggy with the added fishiness. I don't often not like something, but this was just not my kind of dish. I saw some other tables digging into to it, so I'm sure it was nice.

I probably would not go back to Kanazawa, but our meal was still enjoyable.

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Em said...

I've had that mushroom custard-y stuff before at a Japanese place - it's quite interesting! Creamy, savoury and unexpected, yep.