Monday, June 18, 2012

Review | PappaRich Doncaster

I was so so excited to try this place out! It has been on my wish list since the very beginning! We were very surprised (and impressed) to see just how busy this place was on a Sunday night, and also how many people were happy to wait for a table. For me, this was as good a sign as any to say that this place was great!
Since there were only 2 of us, we didn’t have to wait too long for a table – probably about 15-20 minutes. During that time, we read through the menu online and by the time we sat down, we knew exactly what we would be ordering. PappaRich have a cool way of doing the whole ordering thing – they provide all tables with a simple little notepad and a pen, and you write down the number of your dish, and when you are ready, press a little green button, and like magic, a waiter or waitress appears to collect your notepad and menus.
The whole process was very interesting to me, especially since it had obviously been streamlined to be ultra-successful and efficient.

We ordered the extremely (un)healthy Crispy Chicken Skins for entrée, and for mains, since the place is famous for its Roti bread, we each got a serve! My partner ordered the original Roti, with tandoori chicken, and I ordered the Roti with onion and egg through it, with a chicken curry. For drinks we ordered these delicious looking fruit ice drinks – one Mango, and one Ribena/Melon, both served with lychee and jelly.

The Crispy Chicken Skins came out within about 4 minutes and we basically got stuck into it. They were so fatty and delicious! And definitely very crisp! I would definitely recommend these – if you are up for the unhealthiness!

Our drinks came out next – they looked so tropical and refreshing! And they were delicious! We didn’t feel like being weighed down by the big milky drinks on the menu (although they did look tasty!) so these drinks were perfect! We would definitely order the same again!

Our mains came out soon after our entrée plate had been cleared – a tick for me as I am big on the proper ‘order’ of eating out. They looked GREAT! My egg and onion roti was so tasty – I was in roti heaven! The chicken curry was also very tasty – it had a vague coconut flavour too! I also got a serve of dahl which was so nice – actually, just how my mum makes it at home, so that was cool! I also got a chilli paste, which was pretty spicy, but I was happy that it came as a standard offering – since I know that people always have to ask for extra chilli sauce.

I have not had tandoori chicken is SO long – and this was so delicious! It was quite spicy, but the chicken was cooked to perfection, and the tandoori flavours were really authentic tasting. The chicken was still moist, which can be a problem sometimes with tandoori – but obviously not for PappaRich.

All through the meal, we were discussing what we would be ordering next time we visited PappaRich – so it must be delicious! I know we will be back in not too long to try out other dishes! 

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PS – the dishes that are on our radar for next time are for me the Pappa Char Koay Teow and for my partner the Pappa Chicken Rice (With a serve of Roti of course!).

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