Monday, June 11, 2012

Review | Madeline's at Jells

For the public holiday we decided to celebrate by going to Madeline's for a lovely warm winter's brunch. It was such a foggy morning, but we were able to watch the sun clear it all away from the tall windows by our table.

We were greeted by the lovely and warm staff as usual, and it seemed like it was just minutes later when our drinks were delivered. I ordered a hot chocolate to warm me up and it was so delicious. The rich chocolate syrup that they use at Madeline's is so good - not that icky sweet stuff you can get at other places.

For brunch I ordered the Jells Gourmet Eggs which was scrambled eggs with semidried tomatoes, roquette & feta served on light rye sourdough toast. I decided to add on a hash brown because I have had one before and they are so tasty. The waitress had told me that this dish was very popular - and now I can see why!! It was really delicious, without being a massive rich breakfast overload. The eggs were very light, and the strong taste of the tomatoes really complemented the feta. If I ordered this again, I would ask for the tomato chutney on the side - as this would really be a perfect addition to this dish.

My friends both ordered a serve of scones each, since they had already eaten earlier in the morning. Madeline's are really well known for having scrumptious scones - and they have been for years. These scones were everything they should have been. They were light and fluffy and a great match with the strawberry jam and vanilla cream that they are served with.

The restaurant was quite full today, but the service was still fantastic - all the other customers seemed very happy from what I could tell! I will definitely be returning to Madeline's since it is so close to home, not only for convenience, but for the great food and service as well.

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