Sunday, July 8, 2012

Review | Coco Lounge

I caught up with a friend for a late morning coffee in Glen Waverley, and we both decided to head into Coco Lounge this time. I am quite familiar with most places in the Kingsway strip, and I have become accustomed to receiving great food, drink and service from Coco's.

We both felt like a small bite to eat, and we both also thought the Grilled Muffins with egg, bacon, cheese and tomato chutney sounded nice. The waiter explained that they were like an english muffin sandwich (like the McMuffins at Maccas.. but better!), and we both ordered a serve. He very kindly suggested that it would be cheaper for us to split a double serve!

For drinks we ordered the Peppermint Crisp hot chocolates - these came rather promptly after we had ordered. I was impressed at the speed of service of the drinks since the young lady who was the barista looked very busy! I must comment on the texture of the froth, since it was absolutely perfect.. divine! If the barista has a fringe and long ponytail when you are at Coco's you know you will definitely be receiving a top notch coffee (or hot chocolate)!

If you like peppermint, try this drink. It was so comforting and delicious.

Our muffins came out not much longer. The tomato chutney had a yummy spicy yet sweet taste, and the egg and bacon were cooked very well. I really enjoyed this, and it was just the right amount of food for what I felt like. I would definitely order this again, however my only slightly negative comment is that the muffins were perhaps a little bit dry. (This didn't really detract from my enjoyment of the dish - just more of a side note really!)

Overall, I have always been a fan of Coco Lounge, and this time, my experience was as pleasant as always.

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