Saturday, October 13, 2012

Weekend Spontaneity

On a quiet Sunday, E suddenly wanted to try the famous chocolate dumplings at Oriental Teahouse, so we quickly, we hopped in my little car and scooted ourselves to Chadstone. On our arrival at Oriental Teahouse, we were actually a bit surprised at the high prices, so even though we felt like something savoury and a bit more filling than just the Chocolate dumplings, we decided to go elsewhere later on.

We noticed that there was both Milk chocolate dumplings AND White chocolate dumplings, so we had to order both!!

The Milk chocolate dumplings were coated with sesame seeds and served with rich vanilla ice cream. The chocolate sauce that had been drizzled over the plate was nice, but a bit too sweet - and reminded both of us of the chocolate ice cream topping sauce. The dumplings themselves were very nice, but there could have been even more gooey chocolate inside, so that it exploded everywhere if you tried to cut it in half!!
Milk Chocolate Dumplings

The White chocolate dumplings were so pretty. I think the actual dumpling was made out of rice flour, and there was peanut praline and coconut sprinkled over the dumpings, which altogether combined for a great taste. I really enjoyed the ricey taste of these dumplings, with the sweet white chocolate flavour.

White Chocolate Dumplings

Although it was a bit expensive, we both enjoyed all that chocolate!

Feeling quite a bit more spontaneous, we made our way to Box Hill, for one of our favourite things! BEEF WRAP!! One of our favourite places in Box Hill is The Booth, a Taiwanese restaurant that serves up quick, cheap and tasty food. If you go there, you must try the Beef Wrap - it is amazing. 

Feeling gutsy, we ordered a Beef Wrap (surprise, surprise), a Pork Belly Burger and mostly out of curiosity, a serve of Chicken Nuggets. It all came out pretty much altogether, and as always, the kind staff at The Booth had slice up the Beef Wrap for us to share.

First up, the Beef Wrap, which never fails, was just as good as we remembered. The juicy meat wrapped up in crispy roti-like bread is just great. Please try this!! You won't regret it. We noticed on the menu that there was also a Chicken Wrap - so we will have to come back to try that one. Hopefully it is just as good (or better)!

Beef Wrap

Next, the Chicken Nuggets. These had a really strong flavour - and were also a bit salty. The batter had a nice peppery taste to it too. With the combination of the basil, the little nuggets were really tasty, but there was not enough basil! This perhaps could be served with some kind of sauce, as we were pretty thirsty after eating them all up.

Chicken Nuggets

Last but not least, was the Pork Belly Burger. Amazing. The pork was so good! It was so juicy and delicious. And I LOVE coriander! Altogether in a delicious bun - what more is there to say?! Just one more thing - the crumbs they had sprinkled over the top of it all - I couldn't work out what it was exactly, but it was so good, and so moreish. I kept scraping that plate until it was all gone. We will probably order this one again when we go back for the Chicken Wrap!

After that, we were pretty full, so we drove home and settled up on the couch. A pretty successful Sunday afternoon for eating!

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