Saturday, July 14, 2012

Review | Dragon Boat (Express)

I have been to Dragon Boat and Dragon Boat express a few times since Knox is quite local to me. Today E and I decided to have a quick bite to eat for lunch after seeing a movie, and he picked Dragon Boat Express.

The space in the 'Express' side of the restaurant is quite small, but they do have a few tables outside under cover as well. The main difference between the regular side of the restaurant and the 'Express' side is the speed of service (hence the name) as well as it being generally much cheaper as well - two pros in my book! It's great for a quick low-key meal, whilst for a more proper outing I would suggest the main restaurant.

When we walked in we were greeted by a waiter and promptly seated at the last available table. This waiter had served us once before and I remembered how nice and super efficient he had been - the service was even better today :) He is so friendly!

For lunch Dragon Boat Express offer a $10.80 menu with a good selection of dishes with rice or noodles, and some soups as well.We always like to have a bit of a snoop at what the other tables are eating and E's eyes fell upon the Lemon Chicken with Fried Rice, which was a part of the cheaper lunch menu. It looked delicious! We decided to order that and two smaller meals to share. We love duck - so we ordered a serving of the Peking Duck Pancakes, and a serve of the Roast Pork Belly.
The Peking Duck Pancakes came out so quickly, and the waiter said he told them to make it quickly because we looked hungry! Definitely true! I got a bit too excited and took a bit out of my pancake before even taking a photo, so please excuse the little bite missing in the image below :P These were pretty tasty - although the duck was a teeny little bit dry (compared to the heavenly
Mabrown duck), the sauce was absolutely delicious. I made sure to scoop up any extra drops of the sauce that were on the plate! The pancakes had some spring onion and cucumber I think, which were very refreshing and are always a great combination. E noted that there was some ginger-esque flavours that gave a nice zing to the whole thing. We would definitely order this again!

Next up was the pork belly. First up - this sauce was also delicious! YUM! It was nice and sweet and also had a great zing to it, and was great with the pork. The parts of the pork that didn't have much fat on them were a bit dry, but the skin was so crunchy and crispy. The pieces of pork that did have some fat on them were so yummy - we cleaned this up pretty quickly, but I'm not sure whether I would order it again.
Our Lemon Chicken dish came out next, and boy was that sauce yellow! I'm not really sure what they do to make it that colour, but it was very lemony and tasty and went really well with both the chicken and the fried rice. The fried rice was very nice - what you would expect from a fried rice really.. you can't really go wrong these days can you? The chicken was so so moist and tender. We really enjoyed this dish! Love the taste of the lemon with the chicken and rice :)

Dragon Boat is in such a good location - close to the cinemas and other 'attractions' at Knox City. I  know we will be back soon enough :)

Let me know how you enjoy Dragon Boat below!

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