Sunday, July 22, 2012

Review | Richmond Hill Café & Larder

Brunch. Arguably Melbourne's favourite meal. There are so many different places where you can enjoy a lazy weekend brunch and Richmond Hill Café & Larder is definitely one of the best!

I went out with a group of friends to celebrate the sunshine on Saturday morning, and we had each set our hearts upon trying the most glorious pancakes in the city. RHCL can get quite busy on the weekends, so after putting our name down with the 'Maitre D' we were very happy to get called back and shown to our table within 20 minutes.

After a quick perusal of the menu, we all ordered a serve of the Buttermilk Pancakes, and a few Hot Chocolates to warm us up. We also ordered a served of the famous RHCL grilled Cheesy Toast, as we wanted to find our why it was so popular.

The café was buzzing with activity - and I peered with intrigue at the Cheese Room, or 'Fromagerie' at the other side of the restaurant, making a mental note to come back here to have a good look at their selection.Even though they were quite busy, our drinks came out rather promptly - and boy, was my Hot Chocolate delicious! It was served in a nice big cup, and it the flavour of chocolate was so perfect, I felt like I wanted to dive right into it!! I am quite sure that RHCL must be using real melted chocolate instead of a sweetened powder or syrup to make their Hot Chocolates - this one small factor makes all the difference. The texture and temperature of the milk was also so comforting - this Hot Chocolate is most definitely recommended.

Our meals came out soon after, and everything looked delicious. We quickly divided up the Cheesy Toast and found out what was so great about it - it is simply, Cheesy Perfection. Or Cheese Heaven. Wow. Please try this toast!! Although it was addictively amazing, I would recommend sharing one serve between a few friends as it is quite rich. While the flavour of the cheese was fairly sharp, it had so much buttery cheesy goodness in it, which when combined with the crisp texture of the toast, was equal to the aforementioned Cheese Heaven.

Moving on to our pancakes brought me even more happiness. They were c
aramelised banana & pecan nut praline pancakes, and were served with a honeycomb pastry cream, with Canadian maple syrup. Where do I begin! These pancakes were like no other pancake I had ever tasted. Their consistency was fairly thick and cake-like while still remaining fluffy. The taste of the caramelised bananas with the nuttiness from the pecans made me want to start singing.

After a few bites of just pancake, I added some of the honeycomb pastry cream, which is served with chunks of real honeycomb, and I realised that this flavour combination was not just an accident. The banana, pecans and honeycomb all together were just heaven. Pancake Heaven this time. I finished my pancakes in silence, taking my time to close my eyes and appreciate the flavours. When I came down to my last bite, I was overcome with sadness, as I did not want the Pancake Heaven to end. Who would've thought a simple serve of pancakes could create such emotion? I really believe that everyone needs to taste these pancakes.

The staff at RHCL provided lovely service, and I definitely do not have any complaints to make. I would highly recommend breakfast or brunch here, and I can't wait to return to check out the Cheese Room (and the rest of the menu... or the pancakes again!)

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