Sunday, January 13, 2013

Review | Jus Burgers

It's been a while since there has been development in the Burger Adventure. It can be sometimes quite difficult having so many adventures when it comes to eating out. Nevertheless, I digress. Not too long ago, E & I had the pleasure of visiting Jus Burgers one lovely evening to investigate their burgers.

Jus Burgers is already quite established in Perth, and have fairly recently opened up shop in Melbourne. They are all about promoting locally sourced ingredients, that is all fresh and delicious, and in my opinion it definitely makes a difference to the food they serve up.

We could not go past the famous onion rings - cut and battered fresh daily. I am so glad we got to taste these - they were simply amazing. The batter was so crunchy and flavoursome, and the onions were finger licking good, with a great sweetness to them. Such a classic combination brought to life again simply by freshness and lots of love. The chips were also a hit, cooked to perfection, but I would definitely recommend tasting the onion rings.

For the main event, I ordered The Pommy Burger - '100% hormone free, grass fed beef from the Gippsland region' – char grilled and served with cheddar and bacon, as well as lettuce, tomato, spanish onion and housemade aioli and relish. To that, I added (I was hungry) a serve of balsamic onions.

This burger was massive. But even more importantly, it was mind blowingly delicious. Everything was so fresh and juicy, and the balsamic onions were a delight. I was  in burger heaven. All the elements of the burger came together to create a juicy perfection. I would order this again in a heartbeat.

I find it kind of fitting that this place is called 'Jus' Burgers, as in french, jus means juice - and these burgers were so so juicy.

E's burger was pretty impressive. Towering over everything, the Wagyu Beef burger was made up of 'Hormone free, fully traceable, full blood Wagyu' with wasabi mayo. E also decided to add bacon to that, as we both believe life is better simply because of bacon.

We were both so happy about these burgers. The vibe at Jus Burgers was also great. It was a real relaxed, positive environment and the staff there were all really friendly.

While we rolled out of Jus Burgers, almost entering the food coma stage of fullness, I reflected. This had been my favourite part of the burger adventure so far. Big call! But I know the burgers here will back me up - Jus Burgers, highly recommended!

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