Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Review | Ici

Nestled in the hip backstreets of Fitzroy is Ici. This trendy little cafe was suggested by my sister as a breakfast meeting spot on a quiet weekday morning during the lead up to Christmas. Noticeably popular with the locals and regulars, Ici boasts quite an extensive and unique breakfast menu.

The service at Ici, although very friendly, was at times a bit slow even though they were not too busy while we were there. Being such a small cafe, I was also surprised at the number of staff working. 

I decided to order the Chickpea pancake, and a Hot Chocolate. Both of which were delicious - the Hot Chocolate was adorned with flakes of real Lindt chocolate - impressive, and very tasty.

My meal was definitely the source of everyone else's food envy! Presentation was impressive, and the flavours were even better. I would definitely recommend this! The chickpea pancake was served with a salsa of fresh avocado, tomato and coriander, a poached egg, and lovely, delicate slices of smoked trout. In all, it was a great breakfast!

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