Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Review | Andrew's Burgers

Enabling our new Melbourne Burger adventure, E and I created an opportunity to taste one of the pioneers of the scene, Andrew's Burgers in Albert Park. In action since 1939 this local burger joint has definitely served some important customers. The walls are adorned with autographs, newspaper snippets and framed photos of Andrew's famous fans - all of which were the perfect reading material during our short wait for our burgers. In fact, they probably made me more hungry!

Having not learnt anything from our Huxta-venture, E and I again, both ordered the same burger.  We would be conquering the burger with The Lot - egg, bacon, tomato and cheese, along with the standard lettuce, cooked onions and sauce. I don't think I realised just how big this burger would be - so I happily agreed to sharing a mini serve of chips as well.

After a little bit of wait (it was worth it), my name was called out and we were presented with our order. I was so surprised at the level of service we received from this little shop - when the owner realised we would be eating in, he presented us with two silver plates. Such a little touch, but I was in awe of his kindness and hospitality.

These burgers were kind of... massive. I spent about a minute eating the chips, and deciding how to take on the burger. The chips, for the record, were somehow perfectly crisp on the outside and velvety on the inside, with no excess of oil, or salt - they were the way chips were meant to be. Usually when I eat a burger, I go about eating it layer by layer, however, judging by the sheer mass and complexity of this burger, the usual method would not be possible. I realised that the only way to eat a burger from Andrew's, was to actually put my face into it. There was beetroot on my chin, but there was no way that I cared for table manners until the whole burger had been consumed. Everything was delicious. Flavoursome, tender, moist and definitely recommended.

Andrew's Burgers serve up what burgers are supposed to be, with no mucking about. I hope to return to Andrew's soon - and probably with some guests who have not yet experienced these burgers.

To compare Andrew's to Huxtaburger for me, is a simple task. While both serve up a delicious fare, and a great burger, I preferred the traditional and local feel from Andrew's.

Stay tuned for when my Melbourne Burger adventure continues!

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