Monday, September 10, 2012

Review | Shyun

E and I love the freshness of Japanese food, and we have wanted to try Carnegie’s Shyun restaurant since hearing about it.

The restaurant itself is actually quite small, there were probably only about 12 tables in the front, but it turns out they have another section with additional seating. They would need it too – the place was so busy, with both reservations and walk in groups coming in for dinner.

E knew exactly what he was going to order, so I decided to focus on some basic favourites of mine in Japanese restaurants. E ordered the Chirashi and a Seaweed salad, and I ordered some Gyoza and a regular Sashimi plate.

The service was fantastic throughout the night – our meals came out super quickly, and the staff were very friendly and polite. The cold dishes came out within a few minutes of each other after we had ordered. We had a table that was close to the two gentlemen preparing the Sushi & Sashimi dishes, so I was able to watch them carefully, and very nimbly sculpt the fresh pieces of fish into perfect rose shapes. It was mesmerising!

The seaweed salad was so tasty – I don’t think I have ever tasted it before, which surprised E very much. It had a really nice flavour – so fresh – and no hint of bitterness at all. I really loved the consistency of the seaweed – it was solid yet almost gelatinous, and kept me entertained like a little girl! The colour was also fantastic! So green! I love green :D

Seaweed Salad - $5.00

My little sashimi plate was so cute and delicately laid out onto the plate. I felt I needed to be respectful to the salmon, so I unravelled it from its rose ever so slowly, a petal at a time. All of the sashimi was incredibly fresh, and melted in my mouth. It was so tender and just plain amazing – it reminded me why I loved sashimi!

Regular Sashimi - $9.00

The Gyoza had a really great taste, I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but it was something different and more delicious than your average gyoza dumpling. The skin/wrapper of each was so delicate, you can see in the photo, a little bit of one had been ripped. I felt sorry for that little dumpling so I ate it first! Om nom nom. The rest of them didn’t have too long to wait either!

Gyoza (5) - $5.00

E’s Chiarashi bowl had a really great mix of sashimi, served on sushi rice. Yum! He really enjoyed this, and it was also pretty good value! I tasted one of his prawns and it was just as good as I was expecting. E was really impressed with the immaculate presentation of his dish, and in awe of the chef’s knife skills, cutting up each tasty morcel perfectly.

Chirashi - $17.90

If we go back to Shyun, I would love to taste the black sesame icecream for dessert. E and I will probably be back for more goodness, armed with some friends so we can try out even more food!

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