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Review | The Mexican House

We decided to go to The Mexican House in Berwick very spontaneously, since we had heard it was quite nice.  After an easy drive down the freeway, we arrived at the restaurant and were greeted and sat at a nice little table. The first thing I noticed was how LOUD it was in there! The d├ęcor was quite loud also - the walls were painted in different colours. The actual building looked like a house that had been re-purposed into a restaurant, which was a little strange. 
While we looked over the menus we were given a small bowl of corn chips and salsa, which I thought was very nice. I have to say, throughout the night, the service was always very friendly and efficient - we never really had to wait for very long, or struggle to catch their attention.

Complimentary corn chips and salsa
We ordered a margarita each - I got the Mango & Peach flavoured one, and E ordered the Melon one. For dinner I ordered the Beef Quesadilla, since I have always wanted to try a quesadilla, and E ordered the Chicken Burrito and added some extra sour cream.Our drinks came out pretty much straight away - and boy, was that Melon one green! A little too green for our liking, if you know what I mean.. It looked so fake! Both drinks were very strong in alcohol, and I really could not taste any mango or peach flavours in mine - or anything apart from a bit of lemon and the alcohol.

Melon & Mango and Peach Margaritas - $11.00 each
Our meals came our surprisingly quickly - especially for Mexican! My first impression of the dishes was just how much guacamole and sour cream was plopped on top of them - too much!! I tried a piece of beef straight away and was so disappointed to find that it was so so dry and chewy! While the guacamole does not look very nice - it tasted alright - it had a nice texture, but could have has some more onion or lemon in it as it was a bit bland.

The rice was nice, but could have been cooked for just a few minutes more. While the top of the quesadilla tortilla was crisp, the bottom was so goopy and soft! By the time I was around half way through my meal it was such a mess - there was sour cream everywhere - and the quesadilla was so mushy I could barely tell the difference between what I was eating. I really did not enjoy much of this dish - all of the meat had been overcooked - it was stringy and dry and chewy, and very unpleasant. This was the first time in a long time that I have not finished my meal at a restaurant - and tonight it was for two factors - it was unbelievably rich and filling - and such a large serve!! And also the taste was not very nice at all - the flavour of the sauce was way too concentrated. This dish made me really wonder what the food was like in Mexico - it must be so far from this!!

'Quesadilla Delight - Beef' $22.90

E also did not finish his meal - which is a big surprise! I tasted a bit of his, and agreed with his thoughts that the sauce was way too rich - he felt sick half way through. Luckily there was only a very thin drizzling of this, otherwise it may have ruined his meal. While the chicken was not quite as dry as my beef, it was still a bit dry, and not tender and tasty. His burrito also became a gooey mess. The only part that I really liked from his plate was the refried beans or 'frijoles' and they were probably from a can. 

'Burrito Pollo' with extra Sour Cream - $22.90
If you want good Mexican food - I would recommend not eating here. All the way throughout dinner I was surprised to catch myself thinking that the Mexican food takeaway chain 'Salsa's' was so much better than my experience at this restaurant.

At least the drive to Berwick was pleasant!

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