Thursday, May 24, 2012

Review | The Sharing House

I was so excited to visit The Sharing House! I had previewed the menu so many times, drooling over it, and by the time I got there, I already knew what I would be ordering!!

The staff were great. While we were waiting for our friends to arrive, we were seated at the bar and offered a drink, some water and some great bar snacks to nibble on! During the evening all the staff members were very helpful, and explained how the menu worked.

We ordered a few dishes to share - Chickpea & Parmesan Chips, Rabbit &; Cauliflower Popcorn, 'Raw Meat' or Steak Tartare with Chips, a Bocconcini and Garlic Pizza & a Spaghetti Bolognese with Osso Buco. 

The Chickpea & Parmesan chips were delicious! They melted in my mouth! The blend of chickpea and parmesan was a perfect match. The cute little Tomato sauce jars that are served with them were so adorable!

Next up was the Rabbit & Cauliflower Popcorn. This is one of the dishes I had picked out as soon as we had booked our table! I thought the popcorn would be a blend of rabbit and cauliflower, but they turned out to be separate. Nevertheless, it was lots of fun to find out which one you would choose next – Rabbit or Cauliflower?! This was quite tasty too – they reminded me of a gourmet version of the Popcorn Chicken from KFC!

I had never had Steak Tartare before – and we decided to take a leap of faith and give it a go! I loved it! Apart from the fact that it was called ‘Raw Meat’ on the menu (which I found sounded a little bit yuck!), this dish was great! I would definitely recommend this dish to anyone who hasn’t tried it before – it didn’t taste raw at all. It was served with a really cool way of making chips! It also came out with some sort of apricot coloured jelly on one side of the plate – we couldn’t work out what this was, but it complemented the dish well.

The Bocconcini and Garlic pizza was nice. It was had a really strong garlic flavour – which I LOVE, but don’t order this on a first date!! No complaints about this one!

The Spag Bol was a bit of a let down. While the pasta was cooked to perfection, and the Osso Buco melted in my mouth, it was let down by the lack of seasoning. It really needed an extra pinch of salt, or something. Without that bump up in the seasoning, it was very bland. But I can see that this dish has great potential…


For dessert we chose the Jaffa Fondant and the Caramelised Apple Tart. I only managed to get a photo of the fondant – which looked so pretty! My favourite thing on the plate was the kind of citrus flavoured crumb that was bright orange. It had so much flavour! The Gelati was awesome too – it was quite bitter, but so delicious – it was so citrussy!! The fondant was also served with some fresh mandarin and crystalised fruit squares which were great. Sadly, the actual chocolate fondant was a bit of a let down. I found that it lacked a real rich chocolate flavour. Unfortunately this fact brought the whole dish down for me.

The reason I wasn’t able to get a snap of the Caramelised Apple Tart was because it was SO AMAZING!!! It was served as kind of a deconstructed tart. I can’t say anything more than that it was divine. Please order this!!

I tasted some of my friend’s Chocolate Delice dessert which was also delicious! It was soo rich though! It had separate layers inside and one of them had some popping candy which is a personal favourite of mine. I would definitely recommend this dessert over the Jaffa Fondant – but it would be best shared between a few people as it is so rich!

I’m glad I got to try out The Sharing House, and I was impressed by the d├ęcor and the fabulous staff!

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Piggyeatalot said...

OMG I love The Sharing House too... and I love your blog cos you tried everything I didn't try this time so I gotta try next time...!

OMG I did try the Apple Pie though and it was YUMGASMIC. I was fortunate enough that my friend held back so I got to take a pic... heehee

My post about The Sharing House is here :)

spohie said...

So great to hear!! I will check out your blog now :D