Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Review | Huxtaburger

With the recent wintery weather we have been getting, on a cold and windy night, E and I ventured out to Collingwood with our coats all buttoned up, to try the latest foodie craze - burgers from Huxtaburger (yes, we are a bit late, but the early bird gets the worm, not the burger).

Huxtaburger is dedicated to the lovable American family from The Cosby Show, and all the burgers bar one, are named after a character on the show. The theme is quite fitting as these burgers seem to me like your good, old fashioned American style burgers with a tasty makeover.

This place was packed to the brim! After waiting our turn to order, we both settled on the same (delicious sounding) burger, Bills burger. In hindsight, this may not have been the best plan, since now I only have one thing to talk about.. but we were both drawn to Bill.

Bills Burger - $10.50

Bills burger, a brioche bun hugging a beef pattie, mustard, mayonnaise, tomato sauce, tomato, cheese, lettuce, pickles, bacon, egg, pineapple & beetroot, is quite literally a mouthful (or twenty). It is impossible to eat this as you would a flat cheeseburger from McDonald’s, but is also impossible to compare the two. This burger has it all. Although consuming it will be a challenge for those of you with small mouths, your taste buds will definitely be rejoicing. The highlight for both of us, apart from the fantastic taste and obvious quality of all of the elements in the burger (and the bun!) were the fresh pickles. These babies were not your average bottled pickles, they had a fresh zing to them!

Much to my dismay, we forgot to specify that we wanted the Chipotle chips when ordering, so we were served a regular chips – which were very tasty anyway! We shared one serve of chips between us both since we knew the burgers would be filling – a smart decision. These chips were somehow perfectly crisply coated, with silky soft potato on the inside. Not too salty too, which meant they were the perfect accompaniment to our burgers. Judging by how good these chips were, I am now almost aching to go back to Huxtaburger and try the Chipotle chips!

When we do return to Huxtaburger, it will be at a less peak time since it was quite crowded when we were there. I am thinking about trying the Denise burger next time..

Have you tried the Denise, or any of the other burgers at Huxtaburger? Tell me what you thought!

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Peach said...

Oh man :( I still havent visited Huxtaburger yet! :( Last time I was meant to visit it was raining pretty heavily that we called it off and went elsewhere.

Rumours says they are opening a store in the CBD so hopefully that would give me more reasons to visit!